Stories of Self and Imagination: StoryJourney Expressive Fiction Writing

StoryJourney Expressive Fiction sessions are conducted through Zoom and in person groups or individuals in St Petersburg, Florida . Individual sessions cost $65. Packages are available. Groups are $20 per person, for a minimum of 5 people. I offer a limited number of sliding scale sessions. For further information, you can email me at to ask questions, get information, or book a session.

StoryJourney Expressive Fictions sessions run for about 1.25 hours, both on zoom and in person.

In a session, we mine your own memories to develop fictional passages based on a theme. In these sessions, we’re seeking a metaphor of self to explore, rather than strict elements of craft. I will be acting as facilitator and companion, not as instructor or even writing coach (I’m working on gathering resources if that’s what you’re looking for).

Some themes we might explore:

PARTS OF THE MONOMYTH, including “the ordinary world and the call to action,” “refusing the call to adventure,” “crossing the threshold,” “trials, enemies, and allies,” “the false reward and the fight back,” “the ordeal and the resurrection,” and “return with the elixer.

SPIRUTUAL EXPLORATION, including “on lectio divina,” “on heart coherence,” “on attachment and fear,” “on the infinite,” “on empathy compassion and kindness,” “on family,” “on friendship,” “on unconditional love.”

THE SENSES, individually or combined. Ideal for groups.