StoryJourney is an assemblage of services in which story matters.

This is also the webpage of Heather Jones, Author.

About Me

Welcome! I’m Heather Jones. I have an MFA in Writing from Spalding University, and I teach writing at University of South Florida. My book, Tennessee Murder Ballad, will soon be available from Wordier Than Thou’s Florida Writers Project.

StoryJourney is the culmination of many years of thinking about and teaching writing. I had questions like: What if you could write without corrections and judgement? What if you could write for exploration, revelation, and even empowerment?

The field of Expressive Writing works with these ideas, as does Poetry Therapy. Often those sessions occur in a therapeutic environment and deal with deep trauma, with the support of licensed social workers and therapists.

StoryJourney Expressive Fiction focuses on self nurture and empowerment through writing fiction. For me, fiction writing is magical and powerful. StoryJourney is my way to share this experience.

My other services currently include Tutoring Writing for ages 11+

Future services will include Mobile and online notary, writer/officiant of rituals for special occasions, and a Legacy Project.

This is also my author page! Stay tuned for information on written and visual projects.


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